Against All The Odds (work-in-progress) is an hour-long social issue documentary about the city of East St Louis, IL. This film recounts the sometimes gruesome historical events that led to the birth of America’s only ‘all Black city’, as well as taking an insiders look at the important grassroots community efforts that hold this unique city together today, showcasing many of the courageous citizens who work non-stop, in the worst of circumstances, to make their city a better place to live, despite the hopelessness that the outside world sees.

Kathryn and Her Daughters is a documentary film account of the life of Kathryn, a 76 year old widow in Southern Illinois who was part of the last generation of women in this country to raise a family in a traditional rural lifestyle, during the 1950’s and 60’s. Through interviews with Kathryn & her four daughters & archival photos, the film reflects on the women’s role in the rural lifestyle & gives insight into the hard work & dedication of these women.

Truck Stop gives a brief insight into the hard work, dedication, and enviroment of two waitresses working the midnight shift at a busy interstate truck stop in Southern Illinois. Janet and Helen have been waiting tables for over 20 years. They are smart, spirited women who understand what it takes to be good at what they do, and it shows.

Golden Touch is a heart warming short documentary about a small town beauty shop in Southern Illinois. Propietor, Janis Hemphill is more than a beautician, she performs a social service everyday by unselfishly bringing beauty and joy into the lives of the elderly women in her community.

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