Feed Room Films' mission is to make documentary films that will make a difference. Films that broaden our understanding of the underserved and overlooked; Films that honor our accomplishments and contributions; Films that inspire us to atone for our mistakes, honestly; Films that will serve as educational resources; and Films that will enlighten and entertain. In short, we hope we can move you in some way.

To go forward as a people, we must know who we are and where we have been. In order to face the global community with our nationality intact we must teach, honor and observe all that we are and have been and, in so doing, we can enable ourselves to make a difference in the world around us.

"The documentary film strives to give us, in sight and sound, true knowledge of the world, to set the record straight as to who we are and what our history is."
- Albert Maysles
in search of who we are